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Architect IT Support for architectural, engineering, and design/build firms.

  • Architect & Engineer Software Support
  • Office Software Support (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
  • Project Data Storage & Archiving
  • Bullet-proof Project & Data Backups
  • Experienced support in AutoCAD, AutoCAD 3D, Revit, Sketchup, and more!
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Architect & Engineer Industry Overview

Engineer & Architect IT Support is a critical component of architecture, engineering, and design/build firms today, and have some unique challenges for IT support. For example, project files that get well into the several gigabytes in file size, machines that can handle the latest 3D renderings, and having graphics cards that are compatible with design software are just a few of the unique IT support challenges that must be dealt with. At IT Ninjas we have been in the front lines of IT support in the architecture, engineering, and design/build industries and have developed proper IT support techniques and solutions to handle these industries unique needs. We also have on-going experience and knowledge of the latest design software. We can successfully plan, setup and maintain a first-rate technology infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions for any architecture, engineering, or design/build firm.

Typical Engineering, Design/Build, & Architect IT Support Plan

Architects, engineers, and design/build firms need to have a robust technology and software platform that can handle their large file sizes and processing needs. Typically, we recommend the following be a part of your IT support plan:

Your company needs fast and reliable internet. This takes more than just purchasing a fast package from your internet service provider (i.e. Cox). It requires the right equipment, and wifi built for the demands of a business. Stores like Staples and Best Buy carry routers, switches and wireless access points that are better used in home applications and lack the throughput and reliability needed by a business. IT Ninjas will use the right equipment and setup your internet and wifi the right way to handle all the needs of your business.

It is important to have a strong plan in place to protect your patient’s data and your clinic’s information from the outside world. Complex password requirements and good antivirus software is just the tip of the iceberg. Business class routers and firewalls (the kind you can not buy at Fry’s Electronics or Staples) with advanced protection technologies, secure VPN, certificate based encryption, Bitlocker drive encryption and more should all be considered.

Have you ever gone months or even more than a year between needing a client’s particular financial records, only to find that it is missing or corrupted after all that time? Archiving copies of your backups solves this issue. With archiving we can go back and pull a copy of the data from when you worked on it last. With our archiving system, missing or corrupt tax returns or financial documents become an issue of the past.

 It is estimated that 46% of all companies will suffer some form of data loss or hardware failure this year. Furthermore, 1 out of 20 businesses will suffer catastrophic data loss where they lose virtually all their data. When these types of disasters occur, a solid backup plan is the only thing that can get your data back and your business back up and running. A good backup plan should include both on-site and off-site backups. On-site backups are the fastest way to restore data if data loss occurs, but sometimes disasters such as fires or power surges can destroy on-site backups along with the original data. When this occurs, off-site backups are the only way to get your data back. Working together, they form a wall of security around your critical business data. Other important backup considerations is how many days you keep your backups for, and whether your business needs archives of your backups lasting months and sometimes years. IT Ninjas can setup bulletproof on-site and off-site backups with both daily backups and archives that go back virtually however long you want.

Every business needs to ask themselves one very important question: How long could my business be okay without any of its’ data? When disaster strike, rebuilding computers and setting up brand new servers with all your data restored can take several days. Time sensitive work and critical due dates may mean that your business can not afford to be down for several hours, much less several days. At IT Ninjas we developed and offer a revolutionary device called iDRaaS. iDRaaS stands for intelligent Disaster Recovery as a Service. With iDRaaS we have a virtual copy of your computer or server and all of its data in a “turned off” state hosted in our data center. When a disaster occurs, we can turn this virtual copy on and it will work like it is still sitting in your office with nothing wrong. Instead of days, your business can be back to work in minutes.

Many issues such as not being able to print, password resets, and email not working can often be fixed quickly by a technician logging in remotely to your workstation or server without the need to have a technician to come out to your place of business. This accomplishes two things: First, the issue gets fixed much quicker because there is no waiting for a IT support technician to make it out on site. Second, it saves money because you are not paying for a full on-site IT support trip. We recommend using remote IT support whenever possible, and allowing us to setup remote access on each workstation and server. This will enable us to deliver the most cost-efficient and quickest IT support experience possible.

We can take care of all your on-going IT support and technology needs. We offer remote help desk support, on-site support calls with rapid response times, anti-virus and network monitoring solutions, and IT consulting and strategic planning services. We work as a strategic partner and valuable member of your business’s team. We take care of all the technology so that you can take care of your business.

 Sometimes as a business owner you have to make important decisions regarding technology and software. Then, you also have to plan how to best roll out technology and software company-wide. With decades of experience, training, and staying up on the latest technology IT Ninjas can offer Chief Technology Officer (CTO) services and consulting. We can help you make these important decisions and plan out how to best implement them. We can also manage key technology and software projects from start to finish for you.

Why Choose it ninjas for Architect IT Support?

Our Engineering and Architect IT Support staff will help you make the best technology decisions possible. We will completely manage and support your technology and software so that you and your staff can focus on your work and leave IT problems behind.

  • Experience: Decades spent helping architectural, engineering, and design/build firms all over the valley.
  • Knowledge: We know all the ins and outs of design software and CAD programs.
  • Capability: Our trained and knowledgeable staff can get anything done.
  • Value: Our expertise and speed will provide greater value to your IT support.
  • Best: We will be the best IT Support company you have ever worked with.
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