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Data Backup Concerns? Don’t Allow Your Business to Struggle

How have you protected your business from the possibility of getting data loss? Your business, just like any other store, as well as transmits data on a daily routine. It could be financial records for your customers or employees records; there is a high chance that your business holds some data needed to ensure a […]

How to Navigate Collaborative Tools for Remote Workers

Work From Home

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our regular days have come to a sudden halt. Now businesses have to rethink the strategy that they will use to do and daily operations. No business is exempted from this situation as the pandemic affected both large and small businesses. One of the changes that have taken place due […]

Blockchain Technology Solutions for Your Business

Blockchain Technology

Most people are familiar with Blockchain technology about Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Etherium, and Dogecoin. But what they may not know is that they can also use the same technology in various other sectors. Here is a list of sectors that can benefit from Blockchain Technology and the challenges they may be facing. The highest beneficiary […]

Protect Your Business With Data Backup

Data Backup

Your business stores and transmits data just like most businesses. That is vital as it helps you with the running of your daily business. To run your business effectively, you will need to store your employees and client’s data. You will also need to keep the records of your suppliers. This data is essential, and […]

Benefits of Document Management

document management

Document management is an integral part of any business. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t pay attention to or think about where they keep their documents. Some just hire individuals to handle their documents. If you want to grow your business and speed up your operations, it’s wise to invest in a document management system (DMS). […]

Is It Essential for Physicians to Have Managed Services?

medical it support

The year 2020 was a challenging year for individuals and organizations as well, and the healthcare industry was not left behind either. Although some healthcare practitioners were overwhelmed due to COVID 19 patients, others had no or few patients to attend because of the Government lockdown protocol. While many industries are headed for recovery, there […]

How Can a Business Be Impacted by Unpatched Software?

Unpatched Software

Software often fails to work as intended, which is why developers find bugs and create patches to repair them. Cybersecurity software has similar vulnerabilities, and it is essential to fix them when they occur. Many businesses fail to install updates and patches, which can result in problems later on. Bear in mind that software bugs […]

How Safe is Your Printer?

printer security

Almost every week, there is news about massive data breaches, yet most organizations’ exposure to these crimes is through the printer. Companies are estimated to lose not less than $6 trillion globally through cybercrimes. However, most of that loss is through areas, some of which are still not addressed to this day. Most businesses keep […]