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Avoid Security Breaches- Employee Education is the Key

Security breaches are a threat to businesses everywhere.  How do you protect your small to medium sized business from disaster?  Employee education is the key. Surprisingly, the majority of security issues come from inadvertent mistakes that employees make at workOf course, companies need to have good antivirus protection and to back up data frequently, but how can a business prevent employee error from leading to unauthorized access? Follow these 5 tips to avoid security breaches.

Employee Education Tips to Avoid Security Breaches

Don’t give personal information to phone callers 

Don’t give personal information to someone on the other line. Even small details can allow the potential intruder to launch the first step in a security breach plan Using that tidbit of information as justification, the person may call another employee in the organization to get the next piece of information.  Then they can use it to access your company’s network.  Stop the plan in its tracks and call the person back with a number you find from a trusted source.  Then give the required information after verificationAlthough this takes more time, it can save the company from a security breach. 

Avoid Phishing Emails 

Phishing Emails use many different techniques to retrieve personal information from their readers.  This information can be used to pass on viruses, infect the computer with ransomware or gain access to data on the network.  Beware of emails that request information urgently or convince the reader to click on a link before a crisis will occur. Since these actions can pass on a malicious code to the computer or network. 

Use secure websites 

Searching the web is part of everyday living but not every website is secure.  Employees need just a few tips to keep their personal information and company safe from cyber intruders.  Educate employees about how to use secure websites safely so the computer and network will not be compromised.

Limit personal information on social media 

Educate employees about social media.  The personal information they put on social media should be limited so strangers cannot find pertinent information to use against them.  Potential threats can research individuals on any social media platform to find out birthdates, family information and when someone gets a new job.  Then this information could be clues to passwords or security questions that could allow a security breach.  Educate employees to limit information on social media to keep the company’s information safe.    

Use precautions with new and old employees 

New employees are the most vulnerable to creating a security breach.  Since they are unfamiliar with company procedures and security practices, it can be easy to divulge information inappropriately. Previous employees are also a security risk.  If their physical and digital access is not eliminated immediately, a disgruntled employee can use their inside knowledge and access to create a security breach. 

Using these tips for employee education to avoid security breaches. They can protect your company from an intruder’s efforts to jeopardize company data.  More than half of security breaches come from a company’s own employees.  Educating employees frequently can prevent simple mistakes from occurring. IT Ninjas offers clients in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and Scottsdale opportunities for employee education to prevent security breaches.   

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