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Common Tech Problems for Small Businesses

Owning a small business has been made far easier through the magic of technology. You can track what works and what doesn’t, employee hours, market to the masses, and beyond. With the perks of these technological advances, you also become dependent on proper functioning of these systems for the success of your business which means you likely face some of these tech problems for small businesses. At IT Ninjas, we understand how important it is for your systems to run smoothly and without interference.

Outdated Hardware and Software

Technology is awesome, and as creators and inventors continue to learn and grow and try new things, it will continue. With these promising updates ripe with new potential, come outdated systems and hardware. Regular updates of any software or hardware you currently use will ensure proper and efficient functioning, eliminating one common tech problem for small businesses.

Lack of Security

The internet is complex and intricate, but it is not impenetrable. To protect your business from the damage that can be done by hackers, you need to ensure your information and systems are secure and if outsourced, enhancing the security. That’s where we can help.

There are a variety of ways you can enhance the security of your software and success of your business. Consider detailed employee cybersecurity training, effective anti-malware solutions, and implement thorough policies governing internet usage, employee-owned devices, and access to sensitive company information. Because this one requires a little more time, research, and development on the business owner’s end, this is a common tech problem for a small business that is often overlooked.

Insufficient Backup and Recovery Options

Business owners sometimes fail to acknowledge that their business, no matter the scale, can to fall victim to big disasters. This is a common tech problem for small business owners because they might feel so small that these disasters won’t touch them. Because of this, they often forget or neglect to establish effective backup and recovery options. Disasters you want to prepare for can be natural like floods or storms, or man made like fires or theft. Some ways to prepare for this include backup solutions and data recovery plans, and you can work with us to determine what the best plan is for you.

Not Protecting Against Power Interruptions

Power interruptions happen. Depending on what kind of business you are running, a power interruption can halt business. This is an easy problem to avoid. Use surge protectors, voltage regulators, or an uninterruptible power supply. This is a common tech problem for small businesses that is incredibly affordable and easy to avoid.

We understand technology isn’t your specialty but it is for us! We are here to help your business, big or small, thrive and keep your tech up and running.

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