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Is It Essential for Physicians to Have Managed Services?

The year 2020 was a challenging year for individuals and organizations as well, and the healthcare industry was not left behind either. Although some healthcare practitioners were overwhelmed due to COVID 19 patients, others had no or few patients to attend because of the Government lockdown protocol. While many industries are headed for recovery, there is still a need for more preparedness and cost management for a better tomorrow. This article will address the need for physicians to have Managed Services and what they will offer them.

Challenging Times

Most healthcare CIOs were already hit by increased operating pressure before the pandemic, where 59% of them were affected and 41% suffered from funding shortfalls. The presence of the pandemic made things worse, with most healthcare experiencing budget reduction while there is an increase in demand for new technology. Healthcare requires even more technology to meet the demand for social distancing and a high level of sanitization in the space.

All healthcare services, including the technology sector, are under budget review. However, the small and recently merged healthcare systems need access to the latest technology even though they are experiencing budgetary pressure.

Managing Costs with Managed Services

Partnering with medical IT support may be the only solution for small healthcare settings to help reduce costs and get access to high technology. With managed services, it is possible to scale technology operations as per demand. That leaves the physicians and all small clinics to pay for only the most essential services. They can therefore be requesting the upgraded services when the need comes in addition, that allows them to free themselves from log term commitment that leaves them incapacitated for lack of enough funds to support their services.

Insightful Service

Because healthcare service providers are looking for a reduced cost of technology, they still need to maintain a high level of service to meet their patients’ needs. They also have to adhere to the requirements of the Industry and HIPPAA complaint demands. Partnering with a managed service provider, all the healthcare organizations can ensure they maintain the required standards and will enjoy the supportive technology.


With the advent of pandemics, there has been a drastic increase in cybercrimes and security issues. In the early part of 2020, criminals decided op take advantage of what was taking place globally and the confusion that came with it to increase their cybercriminal attempts. For that reason, every technology user, including smaller clinics, need to be sure that both their hardware and software tools are secure to withstand the growing cyber-attacks.

Another good thing with partnering with Managed services is that even the healthcare providers who cannot gain access to high technology enjoyed by established healthcare organizations can still get the necessary premiere services and the protection they need. In addition, reliable managed service providers ensure high security on all their services to ensure a secure operating platform for all their clients.

Any physician or small healthcare clinic looking for comprehensive managed services and round the clock support all the days of the year, give us a call. We will provide all the technology solutions you need, including mobile initiative and all the tools you need to ensure total protection and much more.

If you are a physician and would like to speak to our team about your technology, contact us at (480) 701-0071

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