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Why Your Gilbert Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

How long would your business survive if you lost all of your data? For most businesses, it would be a short amount of time. Whether disaster is caused by nature, hackers, or technology errors, your Gilbert business needs a disaster recovery plan. The team at IT Ninjas is here to help!

What is a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)?

As a business owner or medical practice manager, you may have come across the acronym BDR which stands for Backup and Disaster Recovery.

BDR is a combination of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, put together to optimize your chance total recovery in the timeliest manner.

Business disasters vary in magnitude and extent of damage, but the damage from any disaster can be minimized by being properly prepared with a BDR plan. Examples of business disasters include but are not limited to cyberattacks, technical difficulties, and environmental disasters.

Disasters Don’t Discriminate

One major mistake many businesses are making is thinking that because they are locally based or have a small number of employees means disasters won’t touch them. Rather, it’s the big corporations that fall victim to disaster resulting in data loss and other complications. We know from firsthand experience that law practices, medical practices, and businesses experience cyberattacks, water damage from leaks or fires, and other problems.

Fire or Natural Disaster? Your Gilbert Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan. 

In Gilbert, Arizona we don’t have too many natural disasters to worry about but we do get our fair share of wind and rain, especially during monsoon season. If a tree fell on your office or a water heater leaked over the weekend, would your business be able to deal with the impact? It’s time to think about a disaster recovery plan.


Cyber attackers don’t discriminate. In our blog post, What Could Ransomware Attacks Cost Your Practice, we highlighted how hackers can cost your business in time, money, and resources. From the expense of replacing equipment to downtime for the business, the costs can accumulate fast.

People and Systems are Prone to Error

We can do everything in our power to train employees and be skilled ourselves but whether it’s people or technology, systems are prone to error. Just the other day a colleague had to cancel a call because her phone suddenly decided to stop working…during a call! It’s those types of situations that we want to have a plan in place for our clients.

Whether because of natural disasters, cyberattack, or people and systems, your Gilbert business needs a disaster recovery plan. We’re here as your IT resource to protect your business and put a disaster recovery plan in place.

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