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How Safe is Your Printer?

Almost every week, there is news about massive data breaches, yet most organizations’ exposure to these crimes is through the printer. Companies are estimated to lose not less than $6 trillion globally through cybercrimes. However, most of that loss is through areas, some of which are still not addressed to this day.

Most businesses keep thinking that most cybercrimes are through computers with little or no attention given to the printers. Many people do not know that one of the items used in almost all offices daily poses a significant open entrance for criminals to access your business information. Failing to take care of your printer allows hackers a lot of information about your business, and they have now become high target points.

If you have never given the security of your printer a thought, it is high time you took that seriously. It is therefore vital to find out whether your printer could be exposing you to cybercriminal activities. These days, businesses use multifunction printers to do most of their work in the office. These functions range from faxing to scanning to copying and printing, which companies need to run their day-to-day operations.

Multifunctional Printers

Using multifunctional printers is economical both in money and space. That is because businesses only need to purchase one unit and address several of their needs. However, it is also essential for companies to know that using unsecured multifunctional printers makes them a target for cybercriminals.

When you know that your printer can be used as an avenue to attack your business, it is only prudent to scrutinize its security. Take a closer examination of your printer, audit everything it does, and secure all the activities to ensure your business security. You can then seek guidance from experts, either online or cybersecurity experts.

A Door for Cybercrime

In the recent past, business owners never imagined that printers could be a pothole for attackers to access their business information. However, it has now been discovered that using your printers without putting security measures in place can expose your business to a significant cybercrime attack. For that reason, you need to work with experts who can scrutinize everything you do with your multifunction printer and advise you accordingly.

The experts will look at your networked printers to know which areas create potholes for businesses to be attacked by cybercriminals. They will also help you understand how to prevent these potholes and prepare yourself for possible future attacks. It is essential to know which possible ways attackers can use in the future to expose your business to cyber insecurity.

With the digital landscape evolving all the time, so are cybercriminal activities. That is why it is essential to keep your cybersecurity up-to-date to ensure your business is always protected. One of the best ways to ensure business security is to work with cybersecurity experts. It is beneficial to work with experts who can look at your printer set it up and also identify possible attacks other than relying on an online security guide.

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