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Managed IT Support For Small Business

IT Ninjas provides Managed IT Support Service for businesses of different sizes and industries looking for an easy way to manage their network, security, and everyday tech issues.  Managed IT support allows businesses to have the benefits of an on-site IT team without the cost of salary, benefits, or hiring a qualified team.  The service is scalable so as the company grows locally or nationally, the service grows to fit the company’s needs.  It makes businesses more efficient since time isn’t spent worrying about security, troubleshooting, or calling many different software and cloud companies to fix issues. IT Ninjas handles each of these tasks and more so staff can concentrate on their jobs instead of spending time working with technology.

What services are included in Managed IT Support Service?

IT Ninjas includes many different services with its Managed IT Support.  Each service is included to make sure each company’s technology is covered.  It also allows for a proactive approach to support so instead of reacting to an issue that could cause company downtime, each client has safeguards in place to avoid potential issues or minimize downtime when a crisis occurs.

Workstation Support

Whether a staff member has a PC, Mac, or tablet, there are times when he/she will need support for a technical issue.  IT Ninjas has a help desk ready to help with computer set up, updates, software installation, and troubleshooting, connectivity, error messages, printing and email issues, repairs, hardware upgrades, battery replacement, etc.  Any user can easily send a message to the help desk for support and quickly get back to work.  If a problem persists or the computer continues to run slowly, IT Ninjas can rebuild the workstation or recommend a new one that will keep the employee working efficiently.

Server Support

Servers can be on-site, hosted, or in the cloud.  IT Ninjas can configure a new server with Active Directory, company-specific software, group policies, virtualization, permissions for shared files, etc. for a new business.  An old server can also be migrated to a new server when it becomes obsolete or runs slowly.  IT Ninjas can also improve an existing server with more memory and managing settings to meet the needs of specific types of businesses.  Since the server can be used as the command center of the business, the IT Ninjas team keeps it current with backups and security so it can be returned to working order if a crisis occurs.

IT Consulting

IT Ninjas has decades of experience working with many different types of businesses.  This experience gives each of its clients the knowledge of what works in different types of situations.  So included in the Managed IT Support service are recommendations for hardware, licenses, routers, firewalls, servers, suggestions for HIPAA and PCI compliance, security recommendations, and solutions for other industry-specific software.  These recommendations are paired with the knowledge of how to incorporate each into the current network configuration.

Cloud Computing

Access to data in a secure capacity is vital for businesses.  Having business software available whether a rep in the office, working remotely or traveling can mean more sales and working efficiently.  IT Ninjas assists companies to get computers and servers set up to use the software, troubleshoot any issues with the software company and make recommendations for cloud software.  IT Ninjas also helps business owners get new employees access and remove access for old employees to keep data secure.

Backups and Recovery

No access to data=Downtime=Loss of revenue  Crisis can occur at any time causing a company to lose data, the network configuration, software, and operating systems.  IT Ninjas provides off-site backups with every monthly agreement since it is so important for the health of the organization.  So when a crisis hits, the company can rest assured that the downtime will be minimal.

Networking & WiFi

Cloud software, remote access, downloading or uploading files, email communication, VoIP phones, Google searches, research, and sales all rely on a great Internet connection for every computer, printer, server, and type of equipment.  IT Ninjas securely sets up each company with reliable hardwire and wireless connections.  Then will work with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), VoIP phone providers, and wiring professionals to make sure the network supports the business now and in the future as it grows.

Security & Compliance

Keeping the network secure is a top priority for IT Ninjas.  Setting the network up with the right hardware and software to keep hackers from accessing the network is the first step.  The IT Ninjas Team also provides training for the staff on how to avoid actions that could give hackers access.  Then it can even monitor the Dark Web for password and personal information leaks for each user on the domain.  These precautions along with backups, secure email, and keeping operating systems updated help keep companies in compliance.  IT Ninjas consults with each company to see what types of compliance they need to adhere to and gives them the tools to make their network secure and compliant.


IT Ninjas has decades of experience configuring servers to fit each business’s needs.  Including virtualization allows companies to have many operations functioning on a server at once, balance resources, save money on hardware and free up limited space for hardware.

24/7 Monitoring

Do you get warnings or error messages from your computer?  Do you close them out to come back to them later or choose to ignore them since they are written in code?  24/7 monitoring alerts IT Ninjas of a problem that is happening or will happen on a computer or server on the network.  If a problem occurs, many times it can be fixed as it happens before the staff member even realizes it is an issue.  Monitoring saves time and money for businesses.


Each monthly agreement IT Ninjas provides includes anti-virus protection.  This gives each machine an extra layer of security against potential threats.  The software used is excellent at seeing the pattern of debilitating viruses like Ransomware so it can stop it quickly.  Using tools like anti-virus protection gives another proactive layer of security to keep the company working efficiently.

Email & Exchange

Businesses can choose to have their email in the cloud through Microsoft 365 or GSuite or an on-premise Exchange Server.  IT Ninjas can support either type so the business can communicate with others easily.  Email addresses and account permissions can be managed for new and old staff members too.  IT Ninjas can also provide recommendations for the one that will fit each business’s needs for functionality and cost.

Size Matters

Depending on the size and type of the business determine how much support is needed.  Managed IT Support service allows the needs of each size of business to be met.  This is also important as a company grows and changes its size from small to medium or medium to large. Other changes like opening new locations can be managed easily by IT Ninjas Managed IT Support.

Small Business Managed IT Support

Small Business IT Support is a critical part of any small shop or company doing business today. Computers, servers, the Internet, data, and payment systems are an integral part of daily work. For small businesses, in particular, efficient and reliable systems and technology can mean the difference between financial success and hardship. At IT Ninjas, technicians have been on the front lines of IT support for small businesses for decades and have developed techniques and solutions to handle the unique needs of a small business. These techniques are used to successfully plan, set up, and maintain a first-rate technology infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions for any small business. IT Ninjas takes the stress of IT and technology out of owning a small business.

Medium Business Managed IT Support

Medium-sized businesses present a unique challenge for business owners to decide what they need for IT support. Sometimes a medium business wants to streamline the entire IT operation with outside vendors. In this case, IT Ninjas has the capability to be the company’s IT team. Technicians work to develop appropriate IT and technology strategies that will help the company run smoothly and grow. However, some medium businesses have an in-house IT staff and are occasionally looking to ramp up their manpower for big projects or need additional expertise and advice. IT Ninjas can fill that role perfectly as well to work alongside current staff and scale with the business.

Large Business IT Support

It takes an in-house team of IT support professionals working diligently to keep a large business running. IT Ninjas can work with the in-house IT support team to offer IT consulting and project management services. Managed IT Support technicians can work hand-in-hand with the IT team on large projects where extra hands are needed to ramp up manpower without hiring additional staff.  IT Ninjas also works with many other large businesses and brings the solutions that have worked for other groups to the organization.  This collaboration brings additional resources just when they are needed without taking the time to hire and train new staff.

Industry Solutions

Each industry has unique needs and IT Ninjas Managed IT Support services can tailor its service to specifically fit these needs.

Healthcare and Medical

Federal regulations such as HIPAA, ICD-10, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have brought new focus and importance to technology, networking, and security in the healthcare industry. IT Ninjas has been on the front lines of IT support in the healthcare industry as these changes have occurred. From EMR and practice management software such as eClinicalWorks, Nexgen, AdvancedMD, and Medisoft to data and network security solutions to ensure HIPAA compliance, the team has experience with every facet of technology and software in the medical world. IT Ninjas can successfully plan, set up, and maintain a first-rate technology infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions, compliance, and security for any medical practice or healthcare-related facility.


With government regulations such as HIPAA, the advent of electronic medical records, the advancements in imaging equipment, and software, Managed IT Support service has never been more important for dentists and oral care specialists. IT Ninjas has experienced each of these changes with dentists and their staff. The team can successfully plan, set up, and maintain a first-rate technology infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions for dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, or other oral care specialists while helping to make sure the practice meets all technology compliance and security regulations required by the government.

Architecture and Engineering

Architects, engineers, and design/build firms need to have a robust technology and software platform that can handle their large file sizes and processing needs.  IT Ninjas puts together a network with a balance of speed and capacity for data that works well for programs like AutoCAD.  These solutions keep architects, engineers and their staff working without slowing them down.

Accounting and Finance

CPAs, accountants, and other finance professionals have never been more personally at risk for maintaining appropriate security and accuracy of client financial documents and records. The penalties for failing to comply with government regulation in the financial industry can be devastating. IT Ninjas has experience with every facet of technology and software in the accountant and finance world to set professionals up for success. Each plan is set up to maintain first-rate technology infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions to provide each firm with all the technology needed for compliance and security regulations.

Legal Services

Attorneys need up-to-date, instant access to important case files; motions, briefs, and other discovery items, from anywhere at any time. Missing a crucial document during trial can mean the difference between winning and losing. IT Ninjas assists law firms so they can become more mobile and agile in and out of the courtroom. By utilizing the latest and most secure technologies, the firm is always on its “A” Game. The implementation of case management software (Time Matters, Amicus Attorney, Abacus, Case Map, etc.) and configuration of the server and remote access needs is crucial for every firm. IT Ninjas can successfully plan, set up, and maintain a first-rate technology infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions, compliance, and security for any legal practice.

Managed IT Support service can be a vital part of any size or type of business.  It includes everything a company needs to proactively prepare for a crisis while saving business owners time and money.  IT Ninjas gives each business access to a team of technology specialists no matter the size or type of business.  Staff can then concentrate on their jobs and use technology as a resource and a time-saving tool.  Contact IT Ninjas today for a Free Network Assessment and get started with Managed IT Support Service!


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