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Medium Business IT Support – What does your Mesa business need?

Medium Business IT Support – What does your Mesa business need? 

When it comes to medium business IT support, what does your Mesa business need? Internet access, data and network security, and data backups are the top three needs that we recommend implementing and/or improving for small to medium size businesses.

Let’s talk about what we mean by small to medium-sized business.

According to the federal government, a small business is any business with less than 200 employees. For practical purposes, we see small business as up to 50 employees, medium 51-499, and any large to be 500+ employees. Other statistics consider business size to be in revenue or net profits but for our medium business IT support, we’re more focused on the number of employees that need to use the technology.

We want to know how many people are in your office, so we can properly set up networks, databases, and servers to meet their needs. 

The most common scenario is that your medical practice, law practice, or your Mesa business needs to implement a plan that was developed by an in-house IT support team and includes technology like:

  • Wi-Fi and High-Speed Internet: If you’ve ever purchased a router, switches, and wireless access points for your home or office and attempted to set up your Wi-Fi and internet, you may already know the value of hiring IT Ninjas because the DIY may have been more complicated than you originally anticipated! If you’re not sure of what you’re doing, you can make a mess, spend lots of time and money, and *maybe* get it set up. For medium business IT, call center strategies, the equipment from a big box store may not be enough or your business may outgrow it as the team grows. Save yourself a headache and call in the experts.
  • Data and Network Security: Seems like at least once a week I wake up to news there has been another big brand data breach. Hackers use ransomware to attack systems and access personal information like social security numbers. If you don’t have the proper security in place, your data and that of your patients and clients is at risk. We can make sure you’re as secure as you can be and within industry compliance standards.
  • Data Backups: I’ve met many business owners who have at least once lost company information because they didn’t have data backups in place. In fact, it’s estimated that 46% of all companies will suffer some form of data loss each year and 1 in 20 will suffer a catastrophic loss of most or all of their data. We recommend on-site and off-site backups so that in the event of a disaster, your business can be saved.

Before you think it’s too big of a project or too expensive to have on-site and off-site data backups, proper Wi-Fi equipment, and network security consider what it would cost to rebuild from nothing. Not only will it cost you money, it will cost time and lost revenue. And we know revenue and business functionality matters to our clients. To learn more about medium business IT support, call IT Ninjas at 480-701-0071.

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