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How Your Small Business Should Implement Cloud Solutions

Today, whether you use it or not, the cloud is a significant part of most companies’ infrastructure. Since most workers cannot go to the office during the pandemic, it is necessary to use the cloud as the workers do not have access to the company network. Some businesses have managed to keep running without using cloud computing and should consider making a change. Using the right cloud solutions, you can ensure that your company is ready for the future in very many ways.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is everywhere, and most people use it daily without noticing. A good example of cloud computing is email service providers, which use the cloud to store emails such as yahoo and Gmail. Cloud computing involves storing data in an online environment to improve accessibility and flexibility. It is an excellent choice for companies with remote workers, ensuring that the company runs outside the office. Most businesses use the cloud to some degree; private or public cloud.

Public Vs Private Clouds

Cloud-based services come in private or public categories, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is one that only one company can access. The company is responsible for the maintenance and management of the cloud infrastructure. They will have servers in the company building, and they are responsible for keeping them active so that staff members can access company data from approved devices. Approved devices can be smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

Private clouds have a more flexible design and are more secure. That said, they cost more because the company is responsible for their maintenance and management. Your company will also provide security for the server units. Private clouds also use up a large amount of electricity, increasing the costs further.

Public Cloud

Many businesses cannot manage and maintain servers on their premises. Using the public clouds is similar to renting computing resources online. You pay for the space that you need from a cloud provider and use it to benefit your business. The cloud provider partitions the storage space for each user so that only you have access to your account. That is very convenient and much more affordable than using your servers. That said, you do have less control over the servers. Public clouds are generally secure, but a business needs to be in charge of its security.

Hybrid Cloud

If you are not sure which is best for you, you can choose to use the hybrid cloud. That is an excellent choice for businesses that do not want to deal with the disadvantages of the public cloud. In this case, a service provider hosts your data and designs the cloud infrastructure for your specific needs. That ensures that you do not worry about your servers and can focus on running your business. A hybrid cloud ensures that you get a cloud customized to your needs, and you do not have to compromise on any of them.

If your business needs help to implement cloud solutions, contact us at IT Ninjas today. We look forward to visiting with you about all your IT needs.

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