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What does a Chief IT Officer do?

Are you an attorney or doctor struggling with networking computers for new employees? Have you moved and need to hardwire the new office? Do you need to protect client or patient information and don’t have a reliable back-up system in place? It’s time to hire a Chief IT Officer to provide security and peace of mind for you, your clients, and your staff.

IT Ninjas is the Chief IT Officer you’ve been looking for.

Also called Chief Information Technology Officer, the role of the Chief IT officer is to develop a strategy to keep computers, servers, and data secure from hackers.

We like to say we’re the hardware team for your law firm or doctor’s office. We’re the people you call when you’ve got more than ten employees and need to secure client or patient information but you don’t have the resources to hire someone full-time to make sure data is properly stored and saved.

We understand you have unique objectives and goals for your practice that, along with HIPPA, government, or industry standards, need to be protected.

Don’t let the Wells Fargo effect impact your firm.

From employees opening accounts in customer names to the more recent story of paying customer bills twice causing overdrafts and associated fees, it has been a challenging 12 months for Wells Fargo. [Source] While you can argue that some of what’s happening is human error or lack of oversight, there’s a technology piece in play.

  • Who has access to customer information?
  • Who can make changes to accounts and who can only view account information?
  • Do you have the right managers and tech team in place to implement and oversee the process?
  • What happens when there is a breach?

I could go on with questions but my head is spinning from thinking about the sheer scale of security that’s needed for a worldwide bank like Wells Fargo. Couple that with industry and government standards, and you’ve got a complicated job if you’re the Chief IT Officer!

Even if you’re not running a big bank, the considerations are similar.

  • Set company standards.
  • Protect customer information from a variety of sources. For Wells Fargo, it includes personal banking, credit cards, investments, and loans.
  • Secure a network of computers that not only connects each person working at a branch but that connects each of the branches to a wider network.
  • Provide compliant security to various employees at various levels of access.

Ultimately, it’s about how efficiently a business or practice can be run while also delivering high quality products or service to your clients. While you may not need a Chief IT Officer full-time, the benefit of having IT Ninjas on your team is priceless. You have confidence that client or patient information is secure and protected and can focus on serving them while we do the rest.

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