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How Often Should I Backup My Computer

Data is the biggest asset of the 21st century. Individuals and businesses alike are witnessing an explosion in the volume of data they hold. Whether it is communication over the Internet, financial records or media files, there has been a massive growth in the amount of data all around. Because of the importance and reliability that we have pegged on data and quality assurance, its protection and recovery is key to progress in life and business success. If you’re wondering “how often should I backup my computer”, this article will answer just that.

How Often Should I Backup My Computer

Picture what would happen if a catastrophe of swept through your business and removed all the data on your computer, what would you do? Without a data restore point to goback to, you will have to start from the beginning. For small and medium enterprises, data backup needs to be done regularly and efficiently. Think about backing up your personal computer regularly, as well.How Often Should I Backup My Computer

What Causes Loss of Computer Data

Recent studies show that 80% of companies that lack solid data protection and recovery approaches go out of business within two years of data loss.

Data experts believe that system and hardware failures make up the majority of data loss incidents in businesses. Other instances that top on the list of data loss, is site malware that include viruses, Trojans and worms, and human activity whether malicious or accidental.

The time that it will take you to recover your files will not only set you back, but you will also lose money and it can hurt your reputation and dependability. To avoid these scary scenarios, you need a regular backup of your computer. In fact, data backup is becoming more and more important in business and university settings. Adequate emergency backup power is critical for major sectors, but the vital data can be vanished if the equipment malfunctions or becomes damaged. Cloud based backup is the latest and most efficient way to do so. Tape backup is costly and unreliable in comparison. The consumer and private community are becoming more aware of the importance of data backup. This technology is the future of innovation in society and will hold top news and tech updates in colleges and universities for years.

How Often Should You Backup Your Computer

But how regularly should you backup your computer? Preferably, every 24 hours would be ideal, especially for business records and once a week for personnel files. Backing up data shouldn’t be a taxing affair since many computer systems have options for automatic back up if you are too busy to do it manually. The plus side is that you can merely pre-set your data backup software to run several times a day or week.


There are many kinds of data backup software that you can purchase through data recovery companies. Data recovery companies can also help with backups if they have secure servers near your location. If you would like to manually backup your files, but find it very times consuming, consider backing-up the more important information. Customer information, bookkeeping, billing records, and website codes might be on this list.


So, how often should I backup my computer? Ideally, you would like to do it every 24 hours. This can be a bit taxing, so purchasing backup software might be the best option to frequently backup. Overall, make sure you do not wait long periods of time to back up data, you never know what can happen.


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